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Anvil Arts & Designs is a small custom blacksmithing shop in northern Illinois. We practice mostly traditional blacksmith hand forging techniques. The materials used are low carbon steel, but not exclusively. Stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum are also materials we like to incorporate in our projects. Whereas working with all kinds of other materials can produce great satisfaction in shapes, forms, colors and durability - metal goes way beyond…its formability and strength exceeds often expectations and its elegance and grace is without measure.

Anvil Arts & Designs works on contracted orders as well as with existing designs. The clients themselves decide how much involvement they want to maintain during the project. A close contact always guarantees great satisfaction for the client and the Blacksmith, during the time of the project and beyond.

Goetz M. Schuppan, the Blacksmith, came to the United States from Germany in 1982. He settled in New England where he had first contact with the trade in Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts. Later, he operated his own smithy on a small farm in Rhode Island.

Goetz M. Schuppan lives today in Naperville, Illinois. His Blacksmith shop is located in Newark, Illinois.